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Understanding Mind Control

In Mind Control, No Time For Slaves, Wealth For All on March 7, 2012 at 12:09 am

As part of my ongoing lifelong personal quest to fully understand the Mind, I’ve just finished reading Combating Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan.

Steve’s book is well documented and written from the point of view of a person who has been consumed by the grip of and escaped a destructive mind control operation.

Several Governments and many more Non-Governmental Organizations have been researching, developing and testing mind control technologies for decades.  For one to not be the effect of mind control operations, one must understand the four components of mind control:

  1. Behavior Control
  2. Thought Control
  3. Emotional Control
  4. Information Control

Click here to go to Steve’s website where he goes into how these happen in greater detail.

Please make time to read up on these and check out the videos below.  If you are so inclined read Steve’s book.  I just finished it and it helped me.

Now I am beginning Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘brainwashing’ in China by Robert Jay Lifton .  This book was originally published in 1961 and was the first book published on the effects of Chinese mind control techniques applied to U.S. Korean War POWs.  This book is referenced in Steve’s book and the fourth video is an interview of Robert Jay Lifton by Steve Hassan.

There actually is a war on for your mind.

Steve Hassan at Barcelona ICSA conference July, 2011 Pt.1 from Steven A Hassan on Vimeo.

Steve Hassan at Barcelona ICSA conference July 2011 part 2 from Steven A Hassan on Vimeo.

Steve Hassan interviews Dr. Zimbardo in his home (I think 1997) from Steven A Hassan on Vimeo.

Robert Jay Lifton interviewed by Steve Hassan July 13th 2011 from Steven A Hassan on Vimeo.

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of 'brainwashing' in China
by Robert Jay Lifton

Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults
by Steven Hassan

  1. “Only simple and quiet words will ripen of themselves. For a whirlwind does not last for the whole morning. Nor does a thundershower last the whole day. Who is their author? The heaven and earth. Yet even they cannot make such violent things last. How much more true this must be of the rash endeavors of man.” – Lao Tze


  2. I’m part way through Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘brainwashing’ in China by Robert Jay Lifton and it is a vitally important book for anyone who wishes to understand mind control.

    Following are some quotes from the book. The links go to my Amazon Kindle profile where you can see all of my highlights and notes.

  3. “It was first used by an American journalist, Edward Hunter, as a translation of the colloquialism hsi nao (literally, “wash brain”) which he quoted from Chinese informants who described its use following the Communist takeover.)

    Note: what is “brainwashing”?


  4. “For despite the vicissitudes of brainwashing, the process which gave rise to the name is very much a reality: the official Chinese Communist program of szu-hsiang kai-tsao (variously translated as “ideological remolding,” “ideological reform,” or as we shall refer to it here, “thought reform”) has in fact emerged as one of the most powerful efforts at human manipulation ever undertaken.

    Note: “thought reform”


  5. “Whatever its setting, thought reform consists of two basic elements: confession, the exposure and renunciation of past and present “evil”; and re-education, the remaking of a man in the Communist image. These elements are closely related and overlapping, since they both bring into play a series of pressures and appeals—intellectual, emotional, and physical—aimed at social control and individual change.

    Note: two basic elements of thought reform


  6. “Penal institutions are referred to as “re-education centers,” “meditation houses,” or even “hospitals for ideological reform.” Four types of institutions are described in Communist prison codes:4 the Detention House, the Prison, the Labor Service for Reform Corps, and the Juvenile Delinquents Institute.

    Note: “re-education centers”


  7. “But the large-scale policy of “reform through labor”—the use of prisoners in labor battalions—has been mostly reserved for the Chinese themselves.

    Note: “reform through labor”


  8. “In all of this it is most important to realize that what we see as a set of coercive maneuvers, the Chinese Communists view as a morally uplifting, harmonizing, and scientifically therapeutic experience.

    Note: uplifting experience?


  9. “He was not emaciated, but he did look pale; and in his eyes was that characteristic combination of fear and distance which has been aptly labeled “the thousand-mile stare.”

    Note: “the thousand mile stare”


  10. “Discussions starting at an intellectual level would quickly become concerned with personal analysis and criticism. When Dr. Vincent was found wanting in his adoption of the “people’s standpoint” or when his views were considered “erroneous,” it became necessary for him to “examine himself” and look into the causes of these “reactionary” tendencies. He had to search out the harmful “bourgeois” and “imperialistic” influences from his past for further evaluation and self-criticism. Every “question” or “problem” had to be “solved,” according to the “facts,”…

    Note: re-education


  11. “Everyone was intent upon demonstrating his own “reform” and “progressive viewpoint.” The atmosphere came to resemble that of a great moral crusade.

    Note: moral crusade


  12. “Little by little you start to admit something, and look to yourself only using the “people’s judgment.”

    Note: indtalling a new personality


  13. “You have the feeling that you look to yourself on the people’s side, and that you are a criminal. Not all of the time—but moments—you think they are right. “I did this, I am a criminal.” If you doubt, you keep it to yourself. Because if you admit the doubt you will be “struggled” and lose the progress you have made. . . . In this way they built up a spy mentality. . . . They built up a criminal. . . . Then your invention becomes a reality. . . . You feel guilty, because all of the time you have to look at yourself from the people’s standpoint, and the more deeply you go into the…

    Note: building a criminal


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  16. […] Mind Control is very real. It is insidious. It happens incrementally. When these people are in a condition of confusion in their lives, they are preyed upon. The predators know what they are doing. If this doesn’t seem very real to you right now, I can understand. It wasn’t very real to me until I witnessed it happened to a loved one. […]

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