Michael Bennitt


This is my activism blog.

I don’t post frequently, but I will from time to time. I’m quite active on Twitter @bennittmichael

And I would urge you to check out my video channels:



Thanks for making time to check out what I have to say.


Yes, I was a Scientologist.  No, I am not a Scientologist today.  Once I found out about the human rights abuses of the Scientology’s paramilitary “religious” order, the Sea Organization, I left and made a commitment to myself to help expose the truth about Scientology Inc.

You can see some of my Scientology awards here http://wp.me/P1D6G5-c


Support locally owned and operated businesses. Withdraw your support from Wall St. and it’s corporations that are enslaving you. You vote with your $ every day

Most importantly –

remember that no matter what the question, the answer is “love”.

7 Reasons Love is Good for Your Heart

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