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Scientology: Disconnection, Fair Game and Espionage

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Scientology: Disconnection, Fair Game and Espionage from Mike Bennitt on Vimeo.

Today Marty Rathbun published one of his finest posts to date titled Scientology and Psychiatry.

This post is basically a Knowledge Report about how some individuals who have attained Scientology’s highest levels of spiritual enlightenment teamed up to tear apart Lori Hodgson’s family and then assist Sea Organization recruiters in luring her underage son and daughter into Sea Organization slavery, by coercing these minors into signing contracts pledging their next billion years to servitude in the cult.

This tragedy is not an isolated incident.

I’m not going to give away everything in Marty’s post, you should read it for yourself. But when the dust settles, it’s not going to be the evil psychiatrists who destroy Scientology – it’s Hubbard’s own Policies of Disconnection and Fair Game, and his creation, the Sea Organization, that will destroy Scientology.

Because this IS Standard Operating Procedure for Scientology Inc.

They want all of your money.

They want your children.

They want anyone they can put to work or use in other ways.

And they will stop at nothing to get them.

Moreover, the Sea Organization is nothing more than a Human Trafficking and extortion operation that needs to be put down permanently.

And yes, I have my own experiences with this brutal practice, as do so many others.


Here is Lori’s story:




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Today is a sacred day for Americans.

While you’re barbecuing, attending parades and watching fireworks, make some time today to read this and consider what it really means and what was the reason these courageous individuals signed their names to it under penalty of death.

This document is your inheritance.

Let us remember the reason for the holiday.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”– Benjamin Franklin




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Any philosophy is a servant of the mind. If it becomes the Master of the mind then it is a dangerous weapon.

Philosophy is the wisdom that provides the framework for one’s life.

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